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Back in stock: 3" Aluminum Hulls!



We evaluated a new holographic sight which works well with our launchers.  See it here:


We have added 3" and 5" aluminum hulls with integral bushings.  These are the best that you can get.


Just took a price decrease on all Tannerite.  Check it out.

We have begun carrying Lightfield Home Defense ammunition in .410 and 12 gauge.  We have rubber bullets and concussion/distraction rounds packed 5 to a card.  Ideal for your Judge pistol!  We also have 37mm Tear Gas.  Click here



Gun Shows!!

We regularly get asked what Gun Shows we attend.   We generally are at the Ft. Myers, Tampa and Palmetto shows held by Florida Gun Shows.  The most close in ones are below.   Call us for the most up to date info. 941.592.7227

It is a pain to keep this current.  We are at the shows above and we have added Pt. Charlotte and Sarasota.  Please call for further info.

Date Where Link

April 2-3 

. Myers
 April 23-24 Tampa


 Added some 37mm long and short range tear gas.  Also some mil-surp 37mm parachute flares.  can be found here and here

Just added four flavors of Tannerite and signalling smoke cannisters.  Click here for more information

We now carry the Nemesis 37mm launcher, a great addition to our line.  Check it out.

We now have unissued 26mm Polish flare pistols at $99!  Check them out below or in the Launchers tab.  Also look at the cases for them, hold 15 26mm rounds.  

Just added our own 3" Aluminum hulls and 2"  Plastic hulls for reloading.  Best quality.  Check them out under the Reloading tab.

We have just added two new 37mm rounds: the MegaFlare and Flash Banger.  The MegaFlare has a great visual display as it shoots up 150 feet.  The most impressive flare on the market.  The Flash Banger has a loud report and a bright display.  Just what people have been requesting.  Check them out using the link below or in the Ammo For Your Launcher tab.


We attempt to keep shipping charges low but note that HazMat fees MUST be charged for those ammo products labeled "HazMat".  We have arranged it so that if any of these products are ordered, the $30 fee is automatically added to the order.  Note that this is in addition to the regular FedEx Ground fee.

We have a two tiered shipping policy where anything under a pound (things like adapters and clamps) cost $5 for shipping.  Over a pound the rate goes to $15 since this tends to include launchers and ammo that must go FedEx regardless of weight.  All ammo that does not incur HazMat MUST go fedEx and will cost $15 to ship.


The Tac-D 37mm Underbarrel Launcher is here!!

We are currently shipping.  Order now.

4" Picatinny Clamp included free!! 


Working out of central Florida, we are well positioned to service customers in the firearms heartland of America. and dealers throughout the USA.

If you want to order by talking to a person or if you have questions about any product, please give us a call or drop us an email, we'd love to talk with you.


We welcome dealer inquiries and have a competitive and creative dealer program.  Please call for further information.  

Please be sure to get on our mailing list so that you are kept informed!  We welcome your inquiries and suggestions.

Note:  By completing any order the purchaser affirms that s/he is 18 years of age or older (for Launcher and ammunition purchases) and is not precluded from obtaining the products purchased by any State or Local law or ordinance.

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