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We have started a 37mm (and other fun stuff) Forum.  You can find it here

Check it out.  Use it to contact other members of the community and see the latest stuff that we carry.  Also ask questions.  Remember that if you are asking, probably others have the same question.  Hopefully this won't be a disaster.  Have fun.



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The Tac-D Pivot Side Loading launcher is here!!!

Just in:  Very nice review by Scott Wagner over at Concealed carry.  Check it out

Tac-D Pivot Review


Click here to see it 


Note to our California friends:

37mm, 26mm & 12ga. rounds are ok!!! No tracers and regular ammo though.  Launchers are ok too.

Yes, you can have a pony!!!


Check out our expanded Ammo Section!!  Regular ammo to go with our Tracers.



Just in!!

37/37mm Tear Gas!!!

Click Here



37mm Concussion Rounds.  The absolute best for wildlife control.  Click link below.

See 37mm Concussion rounds here!

We have added some Prepping items that everyone can enjoy!

Prepping and Related 

These products include Thermite, smoke, Mil quality tripwire alarms and other things that might come in handy.  The Thermite and tripwire alarms are now shipping so order now!

This is Thermite :)




I created a subreddit.  Check it out.  post your pictures and fun links.  Click the link below.

.300 Blackout Tracers in stock!

ALERT: 9mm Tracers back in stock!

 We are now selling our popular 6" Short Barrel Top Break Launcher in a shoulder configuration at a mere $330.  Check it out here





Available now: Wood Stocked Tac-M79!

Simply the best top break 37mm launcher available anywhere.  Fully compatible with all AR accessories and made completely right here in beautiful Sarasota, Florida. Pair it with our red dot sight and add rails to mount your accessories.  It's all here for $449 ($489 with mil surp wood stock)

Click here






We attempt to keep shipping charges low but note that HazMat fees MUST be charged for those ammo products labeled "HazMat".  We have arranged it so that if any of these products are ordered, the $32 fee is automatically added to the order.  Note that this is in addition to the regular FedEx Ground fee.

We have a two tiered shipping policy where anything under a pound (things like adapters and clamps) cost $5 for shipping.  Over a pound the rate goes to $16 since this tends to include launchers and ammo that must go FedEx regardless of weight.  All ammo that does not incur HazMat MUST go fedEx and will cost $16 to ship.

Please review the legal info:


If you want to order by talking to a person or if you have questions about any product, please give us a call or drop us an email, we'd love to talk with you.


We welcome dealer inquiries and have a competitive and creative dealer program.  Please call for further information  be sure to get on our mailing list so that you are kept informed!  We welcome your inquiries and suggestions.

Note:  By completing any order the purchaser affirms that s/he is 18 years of age or older (for Launcher and ammunition purchases) and is not precluded from obtaining the products purchased by any State or Local law or ordnance.


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