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U. S. Army

37/40mm 12 Round Bandolier

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This 37/40MM multiple round bandolier/belt has twelve individual single closure devices and can securely contain twelve 37/40MM rounds.  It allows the removal of each round with one hand, has a single waist buckle closure and is adjustable to a wide variety of waist sizes.  The 37/40MM multiple round bandolier is a component of the load carriage system and is compatible with all currently fielded load bearing equipment; 

The bandoleer has been designed to be worn over the shoulder or across the chest/back. The main strap of the bandoleer is made from MilSpec 2" webbing and the body is made from 1000 Denier Cordura. Each cartridge pouch is again made from 2" MilSpec webbing and premium hook/loop material for a secure closure. Each of the (12) cartridges are held in place by a continuous length of 2" elastic webbing. Closure of the bandoleer is achieved by using 2 heavy duty 2" side release buckles.

Each individual pouch has a length of 5" and a width of 2". The overall length of the main body is 24" long.

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