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Distributed by Ordnance Group llc

120db. 12ga. Blanks - 6 Rounds

$ 10.00

This is for 6 12 Gauge 120 decibel blanks. Much louder than the others we sell.  Flashbang 120dB (6pk) - A THUNDEROUS 120+ dB report with a dazzling 3' muzzle flash!! Equal to an actual blast. Designed for the 12 Gauge Trip Alarm. Safe for all shotguns and flare pistols. Ammo manufactured by AA Ammo. MADE IN THE USA...

Note that, at close range, blanks can be lethal.  Never, ever point them at anything you do not want to harm.  Treat them as you would loaded ammunition. 

These blanks are short enough to chamber in our 12 Gauge adapters.

Also for use with our tripwire signal.

Tripwire Signal - Click Here


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