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Survival and Prepping

Lots of folks think that very bad times are coming and that the wise will prepare by amassing food and weapons and bug-out locations.  Others think that only an idiot would not take basic precautions against the impact of natural disasters.  Precautions like having some water and food laid up.  The latter position seems so obvious as to defy contradiction.  The former is seeming more and more like plain old common sense.

To that end, we came across a blog that you might be interested in

Scott Wagner on Survival Issues

Scott is a long time Peace Officer and writer of note.  He is worth paying attention to, check him out.

In any event, we come across a lot of products that might well fit into the category of "Survival and Prepping" so it seemed like a good idea to collect them here.

We will provide links to good sites as we come across them.