Legal, Privacy & Return Policy

Ordnance Group 37mm Launchers are NOT firearms.  Do NOT fire any round meant for a firearm in any 37mm launcher.  Specifically do not use an adapter to fire 12 gauge or centerfire rounds or rimfire rounds.  DO NOT use Beehive rounds.  This launcher is not a firearm and damage to yourself or the launcher is likely if you violate this warning.  Further, you would be in violation of BATF rules.  The Warranty will be void under any of these conditions.  Please review our warranty Legal, Privacy & Return Policy

Please read the following, it contains important information about our liability with regard to your purchase and use of our products and information about the shipping of HazMat items as well as our returns policy.

Buyers Statement & Liability Release

Ordnance Group LLC (dba requires your agreement to the following buyers statement & liability release. By placing an order with us you certify that you have read, understand and agree to the sales conditions and liability release as follows:

Launchers sold by The Ordnance Group LLC, its subsidiaries and related companies require NO licenses as the BATF Technology Branch has reviewed and designated these products as non-weapons. They are not a firearm and must be used as intended: as intended as a life-saving signaling devices, and these launchers are not designed for or legal to use with any projectiles, shells or cartridges other than signal flares and smoke. Any modification from its original configuration, or unintended use may be in violation of federal and state law. Purchaser acknowledges that purchase of this product may not permitted in some jurisdictions. Purchaser acknowledges a duty to review all federal, state and local laws and regulations, and further represents and warrants full compliance with all laws and regulations that apply to any purchase.

Orders must be placed by the actual recipient of the product.

Buyer acknowledges that some launchers sold by The Ordnance Group LLC may be pre-owned or surplus and The Ordnance Group LLC has no knowledge of the prior use, care or maintenance of such product. Such products have not been fired or tested by The Ordnance Group LLC, or by any other experienced professional and The Ordnance Group LLC encourages you to have such products inspected by an experienced professional prior to use if you have questions about its capability.

Further, the purchaser of any Launcher or Ammunition product sold on this site agrees to the following: (a) I am 21 years of age or older, fully and legally qualified to receive merchandise ordered; (b) I am not prohibited from receiving ammunition or other products pursuant to 18 U.S. Code § 922 d; (c) I fully understand that merchandise ordered may be dangerous to use or store and I understand the nature, safety precautions, characteristics and risks to health, of storage, use or other and personal control; (d) I will keep all merchandise completely under my control; (e) I will use and/or store all merchandises out of the reach of children and in full compliance with local, state and federal laws; (f) I understand that neither Ordnance Group LLC, nor any employee, agent or in any part thereof extend any warranties expressed or implied or to make any statement of usage; (g) I fully, without reservation or condition, agree to absolve and hold harmless and indemnify Ordnance Group LLC, all employees, agents or any in part thereof from all injuries resulting in any way from the purchase, use, possession, distribution, sale/resale, transportation, handling and/or storage of merchandise or items/substances made from same; (h) I furthermore agree to reimburse Ordnance Group LLC or any agent thereof for any and all cost, fees or expenses in defense of any claims or judgments that may arise as a result from the purchase, transportation, handling, possession, storage, sale/resale and/or use of merchandise ordered. I agree that all terms and conditions of this statement and sale apply equally to all purchases, past, present and future as well as orders called in by telephone. I have read, understand and agree fully, without reservation or condition listed herein and signify such understanding and agreement by placing an order.

Liability: You assume absolute and complete responsibility for any outcome from using our Products. Any damage to persons or property that occurs through the use of our Products by you or anyone else who obtains them from you, by any means, is your responsibility. This includes negligent or careless use. It is absolutely and completely on you. Therefore, by placing an order and taking delivery of any of our Products, you affirm that you agree completely and without reservation or exception to your absolute liability and responsibility for all and any use associated with said Products.


Items identified as HazMat:

1) Must be signed for by an adult

2) Cannot be picked up at a FedEx facility

3) Cannot have it’s destination changed once the package is received by FedEx

4) Cannot go to a PO Box

5) Incur a HazMat fee

Please call with any questions 941.592.7227

Also note that certain items cannot be shipped to States that restrict their use. These items are clearly identified.


All of our launcher products are warranted against manufacturing defects that make their use unsafe.  Please contact us for authorization to return any defective item.

Return Policy

All of our products EXCEPT AMMUNITION can be returned to us for a refund of the purchase price.  You MUST contact us for Return Authorization.  Shipping to us is your responsibility and shipping costs will not be refunded.  Products must be returned in “as New” condition.  Firing any launcher voids the return privilege.


We will never sell your personally identifiable information to anyone.  Period.  We do not store in any way your Credit Card information.  We will not release any information regarding your purchases unless compelled by a warrant issued by a court.

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