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Mk81 Bomb Tailfin Assembly

$ 195.00

We have found a real Mk81 Tail-fin assembly, complete with access panels, arming wire holes, contemporary graffiti and mounting setscrews!!!


This wonderful thing weighs 20 pounds and stands 2ft 2in and is 83/4in in diameter.  It is part of the Mk80 series of fine exploding ordnance.

From our pals at Wiki:

The Mark 81 (Mk 81) 250 lb (113 kg) general purpose bomb (nicknamed "Firecracker") is the smallest of the Mark 80 series of low-drag general-purpose bombs.


Developed for United States military forces in the 1950s, it was first used during the Vietnam War. The bomb consists of a cast steel case with 96 lb (44 kg) of Composition H6, Minol or Tritonal explosive. The power of the Mk 81 was found to be inadequate for U.S. military tactical use, and it was quickly discontinued, although license-built copies or duplicates of this weapon remain in service with various other nations.



Low-drag general purpose bomb

Place of origin

United States



262 lb (119 kg)


74 in (1880 mm)


9 in (229 mm)


Tritonal, Minol or Composition H6

Filling weight

96 lb (44 kg)


We have added shipping costs to the cost of this thing.  You will see that shipping will be reported as $5 on checkout.  Fear not, we have additional an additional $20 to the cost to cover FedEx Ground, right to your door.

Note that obtaining the rest of the pieces of a Mk81 bomb and filling it with explosives will require the appropriate licensing from BATFE.  We suggest examining the photos that we have provided as a way of, perhaps, using this fine thing in a legal and practical way. 


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